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Geoff has 32 years experience as a 1st Class Welder & is highly ticketed in coded & specialised welding & associated tickets. His broad experience spans across agriculture, mining, tourism, essential services, marine, earthmoving equipment, transport, pastoralists & the general public.

Janette Crowhurst, brings expertise in business & finance. Janette is a BAS Agent with Certificate IV in Financial Services - Accounting & Certificate III in Business.

Geoff & Janette Crowhurst

Future Outlook

Crowhurst Goodline is keen to form alliances with Aboriginal Corporation/s to develop their capability to take on the RAAF Tindal project, Mine Projects and Department of Construction and Infrastructure.

A current increased workflow has enabled the company to put on apprentices in January, 2015 after the completion of the Automotive and Engineering Apprenticeship Employment Program. We are proud to be “growing our own”.

We look forward to increasing our workflow to enable the company to put on apprentices into the future and further grow the community’s capability, investing in our youth for future economic development.

Crowhurst Goodline and Goodline have formed a Joint Venture to bring together their capability and capacity..

Crowhurst Goodline is proud to be involved in Katherine Mining Services Association

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